Aspire to Fly is a story created to promote CSS Corp as an employer of choice. What could have been better than invoking Pride among the employees and their loved ones.

CSS Corp has been recently recognised by ET Now as Dream Companies to Work for 2019, Here is a short video that I made to promote this recognition.

Ajeesh Venugopalan

Why do we celebrate a women's day separately? Aren't we weakening them by celebrating a women's day every year.

For that matter, if we can live these days with mutual respect to all beings, do we really need to celebrate a women's day, a Father's Day, a Mother's Day or a world Environment Day?

Isn't it really Everyday or Just another day if we respect all beings at all times.

Ajeesh Venugopalan

We are often confused between our "Needs and Wants". Water is our need. Plastic is our want. A want that takes 450 years to Bio-degrade.

Our greed will put us in trouble some day. Time is finite. Our lives are finite so are our natural resources

Let's conserve together!

Ajeesh Venugopalan

Dreams are the ones that keeps you awake, keeps you restless. It is a fascinating journey

Everyone does dream and one should aspire to fullfil their dream.

Ajeesh Venugopalan

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