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I do compelling stories through videos that enhances, Brand Awareness, Drive customer and employee engagement. Below are a few examples

Aspire to Fly is a story created to promote CSS Corp as an employer of choice. What could have been better than invoking Pride among the employees and their loved ones.

CSS Corp has been recently recognised by ET Now as Dream Companies to Work for 2019, Here is a short video that I made to promote this recognition.

Ajeesh Venugopalan

Why do we celebrate a women's day separately? Aren't we weakening them by celebrating a women's day every year.

For that matter, if we can live these days with mutual respect to all beings, do we really need to celebrate a women's day, a Father's Day, a Mother's Day or a world Environment Day?

Isn't it really Everyday or Just another day if we respect all beings at all times.

Ajeesh Venugopalan

We are often confused between our "Needs and Wants". Water is our need. Plastic is our want. A want that takes 450 years to Bio-degrade.

Our greed will put us in trouble some day. Time is finite. Our lives are finite so are our natural resources

Let's conserve together!

Ajeesh Venugopalan

Dreams are the ones that keeps you awake, keeps you restless. It is a fascinating journey

Everyone does dream and one should aspire to fullfil their dream.

Ajeesh Venugopalan

Life; is a matter of Choice Sometimes we don’t have many to choose from. And when we do have, we fail to identify our passion. If you dare to dream, If you dare to imagine the possibilities, If you dare to search for what you love, Then it’s not just a possibility. It is a Probability! You do have a choice with us. Afterall! life is a matter of choice. Make a career. Make your choice with Relevance Lab.
At first; we had each other. Then; we built a wall. A wall of great height and length; that divide. What happens if we still built a wall? It will be occupied with the Graffiti of Being Human. Graffiti for peace, we need; no more walls, we paint it with Love, Save the earth and Graffiti to Inspire. And if we do not inspire our children, who else will? Allow your imagination to free-up some space for compassion; For some care. A smile; A loving touch; may be a hug too… Yours Socially Responsible; - The Wall.
Organizational transformation is a never-ending dilemma like the chicken and the egg story. Constantly juggling between the Capex and the Opex. How do you set aside a part of your Opex for the larger transformational goals? With Relevance Lab’s RL Catalyst Command Center and BOTS we help you disrupt your Opex; which brings in exponential change in cost savings. A change that leads to unlimited possibilities. We take over your IT operations and legacy systems Our AIOps platform RL Catalyst helps you optimise and consolidate for labour arbitrage & brings down the cost significantly Our platform-based innovation help you leverage Technology Arbitrage Unlimited possibilities bring in rising customer expectations. Harness the power of collective creativity – Relevance Lab
During times of crisis like the covid-19, the challenge was to come with a compelling positive message. Here is a script and video executed end to end for CSS Corp. The year 2020 marks the year of the Pandemic leaving the world on a global lockdown. It left the Spirit of the world broken, and the economy crumbling. The world has lost many precious lives. Rhythm of Life; cannot be silenced by adversities or the Pandemic The rhythm of hope still reverberates in thousands of ears from our homes. We chose to stay home and bounce back to work, restoring hope. Our lives have the power to Self-heal and heal others. 100% of our employees work from home today. “Idea to serve” resonates well across CSS Corp globally. Resilience...…. Resilience takes a distinctive place in our Lives. The Rhythm of CSS Corp
At the crux of simplicity lies; highly complex thought process. This is how you create a compelling and convincing story for a corporate video. How do you solve the Paradox of Innovation? At the heart of Simplicity lies; millions of complex processes. Complexity arises from Silo-ed approaches. Complexity arises from multiple tools deployed in parallel. It arises from the mundane daily chores. Hyper platformization brings in collective creative freedom to solve complex problems and mundane tasks. Relevance Lab – Harness the power of collective creativity
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