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I believe that everything begins from attitude.

We develop our attitudes and over time we form habits, of which we usually have little awareness. Not all our habits are helpful and some can be destructive or goal defeating. But, since our attitudes are learned, they can be unlearned. Many negative attitudes stem from ignorance. This means you can often change your attitude with the right knowledge.

Changing an attitude starts with self-awareness and usually includes changing a belief. Over the course of our lives we develop many beliefs that are bias and cause us to look at the world in a particular way. It is not surprising that the way we think effects our behaviour. But, research has also found that behaviour can affect attitudes just as much.

Therefore, a change in behaviour can change an attitude. Applied to the workplace, this means if you can get employees to behave a certain way (for example, by calling clients to make sure their deliveries have arrived), their attitude will change towards that issue (they will believe following up with the customer is important).

There are two ways that your attitude can change:

Education – Learning helps develop your attitude. For example, after learning about emotional intelligence in one of our workshops, participants reported an average of 55 percent improvement in their ability to deal with negative emotions. It is easier to have the ‘right attitude’ if you have the right knowledge.

Experiences – Experiences shape our attitudes. You can provide students with the opportunity to think differently. For example, students may have poor relationships until they are given an opportunity to bond together through team building exercises. We use theoretical and experiential learning as the basis for our training. By combining scientific research and self-analysis with activities and case studies, we are able to offer the best opportunities for people to develop proactive attitudes.

Making learning a habit with us.

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