Thirty Three crore Gods and Indian Women - Ajeesh Venugopalan

Thirty Three crore Gods and Indian Women

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September 1, 2013
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September 9, 2013

Thirty Three crore Gods and Indian Women

Idol of lord Ganesha in the bay - Photo Courtesy - A good friend

Counting on to the 33 crore gods whom we worship in our country – A few women dressed up in traditional attire was hell bent on performing a Puja (Prayer) in office. A few would be an understatement; I should rather say a majority of women dressed up in traditional attire.

Two Ganesha idols kept in the office paved way for Ganesha festival celebrations. Ganesha otherwise Ganapathy – A lord with the head of an elephant is the son of lord Shiva. The fumes of Agarbathy and Camphor raising up in the air, the vilaku glows bright in front of the lord’s Idol. The viboothi or basma stay untouched by the devotees as the people did not wish to spoil their three layers of make-up.

Glittering sarees and salwars kept the eye balls rolling left; right and center.

Idol of lord Ganesha in the bay - Photo Courtesy - A good friend

Idol of lord Ganesha in the bay – Photo Courtesy – A good friend

They chanted prayers like:

“Om Shree Maha Ganathipathehe Namah”; Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva; Ganapati bappa morya and so on…

Finally they distributed the “Prasad” which consisted of boiled Black Channa with scraped coconut. As I walked out of the floor; the size of the idol got bigger. The count of Indian women who actively participated also got bigger. It looked like as if I was watching an Ekta Kapoor Mega serial.

The early morning mockery lasted an hour, exactly from 10 am to 11 am. Later the day, camera flash lights continued for long hours even after the lunch, our young friends continued to click pictures which would essentially form part of the Mega show offs in Facebook.  Thanks to Mr. Zuckerberg!

Now the question is, Do we really pray out of devotion, fear or because it is sacramental?

Taking skews from the movie (Oh My God) OMG! I think Idol worship should be done away with. If they have continued to do their job; I think god would have been much happier.

“Work is Worship”. Sometimes, we just refuse to learn from our mistakes.


  1. Disagree bro. You are combining two different thing, Praying and Rituals. Carrying out rituals brings unity to a society. Praying builds faith. You think we had a chance against the invasions in India, if not for these rituals which unite us. As inspiring these rituals are, they may have lost some importance because of our fast moving life. Remember these were originated when we had loads of time on us and were performed to empower and unite the people of a society.

  2. Hey Satya, Thank you for dropping in. Don’t take it personally after all this is just my view. While I respect your sentiments there are much more powerful emotions that unites all of us like humanity and Love.

  3. Vineesh says:

    Ganesha is the longest celebrated festival in Bangalore. Every weekend 2 or 3 gangs of children come to collect money for Ganesha. This starts a month before the chaturthi and continues for the next two or three months. What for ?

  4. sai kumar says:

    Praying and rituals and like dal chawal it tastes best with each other.. different part of India has different flavor’s but essentially boils down to the same. I do believe there is a god but don’t believe that one needs to do praying and attend rituals to showcase ones purity. Purity comes from the heart and like they say actions always speaks louder than words. I was told by my friends to watch OMG (OH MY GOD) as i usually don’t enter temples apart from a few select ones, i know my brother in law did not like it but it made people face the facts. Today in the name of god folks have started to make money & discriminate (if you pay x amount you will get special darshan). Who is the pujari to decide whether i should get a darshan or not is what i ask..

    Isn’t a religious institution a place to come close to god then why do they say that only if you belong to certain caste or religion only then you can enter..
    God dint make these rules we humans did…
    God isn’t only in statues or religious grounds, god is in you and you can only find him in purity… purity of your own heart..
    I have always believed be pure at heart speak what you mean and don’t hurt others, good will happen to you and you will sleep well at night…

  5. I do not understand how people in India can view a (single) God pluralistically. God is one. We worship one God, maybe known by different names across religions, but God is still one. Rituals and idolatry go hand-in-hand and it is more ceremonial than any indication of any faith.

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