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I f you want to be a great marketer, an educational evangelist you should start by learning from the best. Many of the world’s top marketing gurus and influential storytellers freely share powerful information that helps you become a better marketer, an, even more, better human being and increase your potential to chase your passion and thereby improve return on investment, find new customers and grow your business and profits. Here is my blog which you may find useful.

May 16, 2012

The Bookmarks and the Tamarind Seeds

Mathematics has been a nightmare for me ever since school. But is it true that certain people develop hatred towards certain subjects from birth? The Answer […]
May 1, 2012

How to perform effectively in an Interview – Part 2 ?

After wishing the Interview Committee members and sitting, hold your back straight but, in no case rigid. Once you sit straight, your shoulders will fall in […]
May 1, 2012

How to perform effectively in an interview – Part1?

A call letter for an interview is obviously an indication that on the basis of your written test you have been found suitable for the job […]
March 20, 2012

Professionalism and value

In today’s market professionals need to take advantage of every opportunity to make themselves more marketable and valuable. Whether you are looking for a new job […]
March 20, 2012

From Low Cost to Research and Development

Bill Gates recently visited India and made the comment that India needs to move away from low-cost labor toward high-end research and development work. I believe […]
March 1, 2012

Talent Management could help reduce Lay Offs

More than 500,000 people lost their jobs only in India in the recent economic set back. Let us take a few moment to Analyze the root […]
July 23, 2011

Educational Industry in India

Indian educational system is considered to be one of the best in the world, however there is huge gap when compared to the global standards in […]